Home Grown Outdoor Medical Cannabis: Season 2

Catch up with my medical cannabis home grow as Season 2 explodes with potential at http://www.growmedicine.wordpress.com Maybe I'm no longer a beginner at this.

On Father’s Day, When He Is No Longer Here

This should be easy. Six years have passed, and it seems like an eternity. My father's passing caused my life to change forever, because when you bury someone, there is some unearthing to do, in the figurative sense. I unearthed lots of dirt, mysteries, and a profound understanding of who I am, unsullied by those … Continue reading On Father’s Day, When He Is No Longer Here

Midnight on a Train (電車の中で真夜中)

The Alps fade into the darkness and my reflection brightens in the train window. Speeding eastward I feel especially alone, inexperienced, and cautious about sharing a 6-person sleeping couchette with five strangers. We all settle into our small space, making fortresses and pillows out of backpacks.  The young man across from me in the other … Continue reading Midnight on a Train (電車の中で真夜中)